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We've done it all – power trading, market development, power exchanges, power generation, energy auditing, Open Access & Captive Power supply transactions. As well as transitioning to a lower carbon economy, leveraging our cross-industry expertise to unlock opportunities on the move to Net Zero.

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Leveraging over two decades of experience in the power sector to create value for our customers



We understand the laws, regulations, and market practices that drive transactions, trading and market development

REC Pioneers

REC Pioneers

We were among the pioneers in the Renewable Energy Certificates market – we walk the talk for you

Outcome Oriented

Outcome Oriented

Our experience and partner network ensure the best outcomes for our clients

Savings Delivered

Savings Delivered

We strive to ensure savings for our clients while also reducing their carbon footprint

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Regardless of size or industry, we help deliver a sustainable advantage


Our story is that of a group of passionate power industry professionals with varied domain expertise coming together to support clients with crucial energy investment decisions, and efficient energy operations. EASPL has continuously transformed itself and continues to do so in the pursuit of new markets and opportunities. As the energy and power sector changes, we too are evolving by establishing a leading presence in a range of new energy segments. Our team is committed to delivering innovative services and solutions on a global scale, assisting our clients through planning, design and execution of their projects.


Nikhil Vedprakash
Nikhil Vedprakash

Nikhil is the force that drives the organisation. His problem solving capabilities have been honed over 16 years of experience working across every facet of the Indian power sector from trading to advisory, regulatory to legal consultancy.

Trinath Choudary
Trinath Choudary
Executive Director

Trinath never fails to deliver with the immeasurable value he brings to the table. With 15 years in the power sector, his forte lies in business development, power market research & analysis, energy portfolio management, energy trade, coal trading as well as assisting renewable energy generators with project set up. He knows the southern state's power sector like no one else.

Yogesh Mule
Yogesh Mule
Regional Manager – West & Head of Operations

Yogesh has more that 13 years of experience in power sector, primarily in areas of operations, commercial and business development. At EASPL Yogesh plays a multi-faceted role, specializing in market analysis for renewable and thermal power supply, business development and overseeing power exchange transactions

Manoj Vyas
Manoj Vyas
Vice President – Business Development

Manoj is a seasoned power market professional with over 14 years of ground level business development and operations management experience in power trading - both thermal and renewable energy based transactions. He has completed renewable energy transactions exceeding 2000 MW (Wind, Solar, Biomass, Bagasse, MSW and Hydro) and has provided B2B / B2C / B2G solutions to more than 500 commercial and industrial clients. With a client base that extends from North America, Australia, Europe as well as India, he adds a global perspective to the team.

Prahlad Bahedia
Prahlad Bahedia
Chief Strategy Officer

Prahlad is a qualified chartered accountant and company secretary whose business acumen has propelled him to take on many different aspects of business for EASPL. His out of the box thinking and proficiency in finance, legal, O&M, systems, human resources make him a vital member of the EASPL team.



Comprehensive services within energy and sustainability encompassing investment, technical, financial, regulatory, operating & trading support. Delivered.


EASPL understands the challenges shaping the corporate landscape today. We assist our clients in building a sustainability strategy for growth, valuation, brand and society. Over the years, our team has enabled millions of tonnes of carbon reduction through renewable energy project development, power purchase agreements as well as customised capacity contracting.

In addition, EASPL has launched its unique initiative, Cleanergy™, to hand-hold small businesses (their products & events) individuals & institutions embarking on their sustainability journey through our process of assessment, reduction and neutralisation, building a roadmap to carbon neutrality.



EASPL provides power sourcing options from thermal to renewable energy including wind, solar, wind-solar hybrid, rooftop solar, hydro, biomass, co-gen and assisting with everything from procurement to operational support.

  • Options from thermal and renewable energy wind, solar, wind-solar hybrid, rooftop solar, hydro, biomass, co-gen.
  • Tender/Bid Management and support with negotiation of terms with suppliers.
  • Short, medium and long-term options (including captives).
  • Expert guidance on load analysis with legal, regulatory, technical and contractual support as well as risk mitigation strategies to suit requirements.
  • Detailed financial evaluation of transactions and tariff setting.
  • Operational support with Open Access application processing, scheduling and dispatch, energy accounting, energy adjustment, bill evaluation and savings comparison post open access and fulfill compliances.



Our power supply strategies and solutions cover the entire spectrum from Market entry strategies, transaction structuring to end-to-end transaction management.

  • Market entry strategies and feasibility analysis, including technical, commercial, legal and regulatory feasibility.
  • Risk Mitigation.
  • Transaction structuring, including for Captives.
  • Market development activities, aggregation of consumers, contract negotiation.
  • End-to-end transaction management, such as Open Access application processing, scheduling and dispatch, energy accounting, energy adjustment, fulfillment of compliances, bill preparation etc.

Decarbonisation and Sustainability Solutions:

EASPL's experts guide and assist clients in achieving their decarbonisation and sustainability goals. From understanding and assessing GHG inventory for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to creating a road map for emission reduction and avoidance by identifying suitable carbon credits derived from nature based solutions, renewable energy and social community projects to offset their carbon footprint, in line with RE 100, GHG protocol and ISO 14064.

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements - VPPAs

A VPPA is an internationally adopted concept whereby, due to technical or other reasons, there is a limit on the quantum of renewable energy that an entity can procure through the grid. For the balance quantum of brown power, RE projects are set up at other locations, the power from these projects are supplied to third parties (under long-term arrangements) and the environmental attributes of these RE power assets are retained by the original entity. In this way, companies are able to green their scope 2 emissions completely.

EASPL will assist with entire process including: identification of the developer and counter parties, contracting and transaction design.

Carbon Credits and Carbon Trading

We have been involved in carbon trading in India since the get go and have built stable partnerships with our discerning clientele.

As members of international standards that include, I-REC, GCC & UCR coupled with our large generator network and our presence on platforms such as CTX we are able to source, forward contract and trade high-quality carbon credits and offsets as per our client requirements.

Carbon credits can also be blockchain based or tokenised based on the clients' requirements.

We assist carbon reduction, removal and offset project developers across various sectors providing wrap around services including project registration, verification, validation, and trading the resultant credits on the appropriate platform.

Sustainability Reporting and Disclosures

In India, the top 1000 listed entities are mandated by the Securities & Exchange Bureau of India (SEBI) to submit sustainability reports. We assist clients with sustainability reporting and disclosures under the CDP, BRSR, SBTi and similar programmes, to navigate the complexities of stakeholder concerns and meet compliances. Our team is well versed in various reporting and disclosure standards that adhere to ESG and regulatory requirements with ease.

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Cleanergy™, an EASPL initiative, brings specialisation in Carbon Footprint management.

Cleanergy™, EASPL's unique green initiative is designed to hand-hold organisations through the process of achieving their carbon neutrality goals in a meaningful and impactful way, through simple solutions, catered to businesses, products, individuals, events, and organisations. We bring specialisation in environmental impact assessment, Carbon Footprint reduction through replacement of conventional energy with green energy, implementation of Energy Efficiency solutions, and finally, assistance with managing residual Carbon Footprint through Carbon Offsets.

What we do:


Environmental Impact Assessment – Carbon Footprint Calculation through simplified calculators or an audit process.


Reduction of environmental impact through arrangements of renewable energy generation, roof-top solar installations, energy efficiency projects.


Neutralising through purchase of Carbon Offsets or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).


Strategy & hands-on management to meet carbon reduction objectives on an ongoing basis through continuous footprint assessment & monitoring.

Who can offset


For Corporate Social Responsibility, Renewable Purchase Obligations or internal mandates . To fulfill requests from stakeholders. To promote carbon reduction and neutrality. To demonstrate leadership.


With Carbon Offsets, you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also support and promote clean energy. It's a more efficient route to going green, especially when it is difficult to install and maintain equipment.


Carbon Offsets can help you achieve carbon reduction or neutrality for any type of event such as Corporate Events, Conferences, Weddings, Concerts, Sports Events etc.

EASPL has strategic partnerships with market leading renewable & thermal energy generators, legal firms and technical consultants for seamless service delivery.


Operating internationally with offices in India and Denmark, Pontoka has aggregated some of the sharpest minds within green transformation designs, sustainable business strategies, circular innovation, biodiversity protection, social capital growth, corporate governance enhancements and investor relations.


Established in 1999, the firm has developed as its core area of expertise, regulatory, commercial and energy law practice and has represented at judicial, quasi-judicial and regulatory fora across the country.


A CERC approved trading licensee, offering end-to-end Power Trading Solutions through Indian Energy Exchange, PXIL and Bilateral Trading.


A 100% subsidiary of Paris based Veolia Environnement Ingnierie Conseil (VEIC), a member of the French MNC, Veolia, one of the world’s largest environment and energy services business groups.


A System Integrator and Solar Energy EPC provider providing best in class solutions be it for Ground Mount or Roof top requirements. The company has developed over 250 MW of solar projects in 2021 alone.


Through their deep understanding of the renewable sector and association with relevant stakeholders EASPL has successfully facilitated the sale of our renewable energy to industrial customers. Our experience with their team through multiple transactions has always been professional and reliable.

Ashwani ChandraAvaada

When NettZero was strategising the Carbon Neutrality journey of The Machan, we partnered with EASPL for facilitating the Audit of our inventorisation. In addition, they provided us with high-quality carbon offsets and IRECs - from the right sources at the target price point. Good team to work with & very amenable to evolving scenarios!

Gautam Shiknis Founder, NettZero Environmental Advisory Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Carbon Auditing and offsetting is relatively new concept in India and we at Greenmyna are really glad to find partners like Energy Advisory Services who help give credibility to the sustainable measures taken by our clients to make their weddings and events low waste and carbon neutral. We look forward to partnering with EASPL for many more events in the future.

Capt. Ashwin Malwade Co-founder, Greenmyna

It has always been a pleasure working with EASPL. Their friendly, knowledgeable and supportive team is always eager to help and get the work done. Thank you!

Rachael Lam Go Net Zero Pte Ltd


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